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Releasing his album "Chasing Sunsets," Ryan Cowley offers listeners a collection of charming and calming Acoustic Pop music. Cowley's lyrics emit an urge to be free and live easy, giving the listener a soothing and relaxing feel. You can feel this vibe as you listen to the track "Orbit" as it is also complemented by sweet, haunting female vocals. "How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?" has the poppy feel of a John Mayer or Dave Matthews Band single. Cowley appears to take the position that too many instruments can dilute the message of a song, and sticks with the classic 4-piece guitar, bass, piano, and drum combo. The outcome of this classic small group is a beautiful blend of delightful, lighthearted pop melodies. "Chasing Sunsets" is an overall good listen and will fit snugly next to the Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson albums in your collection.


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